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One of world's top experts on biological warfare
William C. Patrick III was sent to Iraq in 1994 to look into alleged covert germ labs.
By T. Rees Shapiro

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
William C. Patrick III, 84, one of the chief scientists at the Army Biological Warfare Laboratories at Fort Detrick and who was responsible for overseeing the military's top-secret weaponization of some of the world's deadliest diseases, including anthrax and tularemia, died of bladder cancer Oct. 1 at Citizens Nursing Home in Frederick....

...Despite the macabre nature of his work at Fort Detrick, Mr. Patrick spoke about how vital his profession was to national security.

"We did not sit around talking about the moral implications of what we were doing," he told the Baltimore Sun in 2004. "We were problem-solving."


It'll take years for all of what we did covertly to finally be seen, and still people will shrug and say it was right and true because it made us save. Safe is a false prophet!



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