Time is so warped...
It's been over a year since I last posted here. I could blame that on all kinds of things, but mostly we just forgot this was here. DID and time it's all so weird.

General catch up post?

Our youngest son D is finishing up his tour with the IDF (Israeli army)in a few weeks. He's counting the days, we've never stopped. He now speaks Hebrew pretty fluently, "nothing fancy" as he calls it, not well enough to do University there. So back to the USA for that after a detour thru Europe with an army bubbly. He has grown.

We spent three months in Israel last summer/fall. One of which our wife Terri came to stay as well and we took her touring. I love Israel, I would drop it all and live there if it were possible, but it's not. Had a wonderful visit with our sister and family. Have really amazing nieces.

It has been four years last month that our son M took his own life. It does not get easier. Different, but not easier. His brother D will soon out live him, so wrong. We miss him beyond words. I noticed we deliberately wrote the above before this. It's become a way of dealing with the world that would like very much for us to just "get over it." May they never have to try!

Our Nikie has accepted the appointment of Peer Facilitator for the AFSP (American Federation for Suicide Prevention) group that she attended. The woman running was moving on and everyone voted for Nikie. They have no clue about our DID. Nikie said sure but not "forever" but that's the thing with volunteering, no one hears that part. She's good at running the group, all that training coming to some good use. The group is for folks who have had someone they knew suicide. Surviving the aftershock of it all.

We had our gall bladder removed, that was exciting.

Mentally we are dealing with some very heavy stuff in therapy. I have actually taken up going and talking. Therapy is just as weird as I had always thought it would be. But it needs doing. All those conversations way back in DP about there being no such thing as organized abuse, ritual abuse, heh, how dismissive that all was to the folks whos reality contained that history. I have only to look at my own history and the things others in our system have revealed. The world is a rather nasty place, just look at Git'mo. Just think what the Cold War was hiding. We've found enough proof over these last few years and others who also have these similair experiences that there's no longer the luxury of dismissing what was done to us. We still would like to D-train it most of the time, but we try not to, we're trying to accept and move on so maybe, just maybe we will get back our tears to shed them for our son.

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